UPI Payment: German minister seen buying vegetables in Bengaluru

The scope of India’s Unified Payments Interface ie UPI is continuously increasing, it is being used in all the countries of the world. The Government of India also considers UPI as one of its biggest achievements. Germany has also joined the list of those who like India’s UPI. Germany’s Digital and Transport Minister Volker Wissing, who came to participate in the G20 summit, has termed it as one of India’s success stories.

Germany’s Union Digital and Transport Minister Volker Wissing experienced the ease of payment using UPI and became a fan of it. In fact, Volker Wissing attended the G20 Digital Ministers’ meeting in Bengaluru on August 19 and came out on the streets of Bengaluru the next day on Sunday. Here he bought vegetables in a vegetable market and paid for it through UPI. The video of German minister buying vegetables is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

The popularity and use of UPI was highly appreciated through a tweet on X (Twitter) by the German Embassy in India. Praising India’s digital infrastructure in the embassy’s tweet, it was said that UPI is one of the country’s success stories.

Germany’s Minister of Digital and Transport, Volker Wiesing was impressed by using UPI. They said it was very user friendly and I was surprised at how quickly the transaction was completed. He also praised the security features of UPI and said that it is very secure and I feel confident that my money is safe.

UPI has emerged as a game-changer in the Indian payment system. It has made it easier, faster, safer and more convenient for people to make payments. It is also a secure and reliable payment system, which enables customers to make payments 24X7 in real time. It allows users to make instant payments using their mobile phones. Due to its merits, this Unified Payment Interface is at the forefront of the most popular payment system in India with more than 500 million users.