Titan submarine maker said- We will build a colony on Venus: Claim to send thousand people by 2050, said- New experiments should not be stopped

Oceangate, maker of the Titan submarine that exploded in the Atlantic Ocean last month, is now preparing to build a colony on Venus. This ambitious project is named Humans 2 Venus. Under this, a habitable atmosphere will be created in the atmosphere of Venus by 2050 and 1000 people will be sent there.

The colony that Oceangate Company is planning to build will be a floating colony. The project is led by Guillermo Sonlen, co-founder of Oceangate Company. However, the company is under investigation after the sinking of the Titan submarine and the death of 4 billionaires and the company’s CEO.

Guillermo Sonlen doesn’t want to let the questions raised by the Titan submarine’s deep-sea explosion affect his plans. According to a report by Business Insider, Guillermo has said that there are no flaws in his plan.

Guillermo says that since he was 11 years old, he has had a recurring dream in which he is the commander of another planet. When asked about the Titan submarine, he said there is no such thing as 100% safety. Risk is always there.

Shukra means Venus is also called the twin planet of Earth. However, there is no Earth-like atmosphere to live there. Sonlen also agrees with this. He says that whenever there is talk of going to Venus, not only people outside the space industry but also people working in the industry are surprised.

The atmosphere of Venus is full of carbon dioxide. Its surface temperature can also melt lead. There is precipitation of sulfuric acid. The atmospheric pressure there is 90 times greater than that of Earth. Despite this, Guillermo feels that an attempt should be made to find life there.

He says that humans should not stop doing new experiments. Citing research, he says that life may be possible for humans at a distance of about 30 miles from the atmosphere of Venus. Both temperature and pressure are low there.

On the one hand the Oceangate company is planning to take people to Venus. On the other hand, a friend of Stockton Rush, the CEO of the company that lost his life in the Titan, has said that the submarine was a trap for billionaires.

About a month after the accident, Rush’s close friend Carl Stanley made several claims about him. Stanley has said that the Titan submarine was a trap designed for billionaires. Rush knew that a trip to show people the wreck of the Titanic could one day prove dangerous. Despite this, he continued to build submarines.