This Google employee earns Rs 4.1 crore by working for 2 hours! Musk was surprised to see this, then gave a funny reaction

No matter how kind your office is, you have to work for at least 7 to 8 hours a day, and even if your salary is in lakhs, you are really lucky and talented. But are you even the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, shocked to hear that the Google employee on which you search for important and non-essential things throughout the day, gets paid for working only 2 hours.

5 million dollars earned in 2 hours :Actually the tweet of a Google employee is becoming very viral on Twitter. A viral post claims that a Google employee works for only 2 hours a day and is paid an astonishing salary of $500,000 (Rs 4.1 crore) by the company for this. Reactions are coming from all over the world on this viral tweet. People are sharing it a lot.

Musk was shocked to hear the salaryWhen this tweet is becoming so viral, how could Twitter owner Elon Musk stay away from it. When this tweet passed in front of him, he could not stop himself from reacting to it. Musk’s reaction also came on the tweet of this much salary. Musk said, “wow”
who posted this

The post was made by a Twitter user with the handle @nearcyan, who referred to a dinner conversation with two Google employees. The conversation led to employees engaging in a friendly competition, bragging about who worked the fewest hours. Amazingly, one of them claimed to have earned an impressive $500,000 by working just two hours a day.