Should one drink tea in case of high blood pressure or not? Know what is the healthiest option

Nowadays heart diseases are increasing rapidly. The situation is such that every second person is suffering from high BP and due to this the risk of heart attack is high. In such a situation, when it comes to controlling BP, it is also discussed whether to drink tea in case of high BP or not. Because most of us do not start our day without tea. But, is consumption of mango milk tea beneficial for high BP patients? So, let us know what the report of National Institutes of Health says and then we will know which tea is beneficial to drink in high BP.

Drink tea in case of high blood pressure but avoid drinking tea with milk. Drinking tea with milk can cause increase in BP. It does not work directly but works indirectly. As this tea produces gas and further increases the stiffness of blood vessels. This puts more pressure on the heart to pump blood, which can lead to the problem of high blood pressure. At the same time, in people who already have the problem of high BP, it can make the situation worse.

The best tea for high BP is green tea (green tea for high BP). Drinking this helps in opening your blood vessels and then reduces the problem of high BP. Actually, its antioxidants and catechins work to open blood vessels and improve blood circulation. Due to this, there is no pressure on the heart to pump blood.

Apart from this, you can also consume black tea. It is beneficial for your blood vessels and helps in reducing many heart related problems. You can also drink tea with lemon which is beneficial for high BP patients. So, keep all these things in mind and avoid drinking milk tea to control high BP.