हज की पैदल यात्रा पर निकले केरल के युवक को पाकिस्तान से झटका

The Pakistan court rejected the petition related to the demand for visa to the Indian youth. Kerala youth wants to perform Haj pilgrimage on foot. Through the petition, the court was demanded to order the Government of Pakistan to grant visa to the young man, so that he could travel on foot to Mecca in Saudi Arabia via Pakistan.

Shihab Bhai from Kerala has so far traveled 3000 km on foot. He reached the Wagah border only last month, walking from his home state Kerala. But here he was stopped by the Pakistan Immigration officials because he did not have a visa.

On Wednesday, a bench of Justice Chaudhary Muhammad Iqbal and Justice Muzammil Akhtar Shabbir at the Lahore High Court dismissed an intra-court petition filed by a local citizen, Sarwar Taj, on behalf of Shihab. The court said that the petitioner is not related to the Indian citizen nor does he have the power of attorney to go to the court. The court sought information from the petitioner about Shihab Bhai. But the petitioner could not give. The court rejected this petition. Earlier, a single bench of the High Court had dismissed this petition a month back.

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