Claim in the study! This new symptom of Long Covid is seen in the legs, the problem appears after standing for 10 minutes

Whenever it seems that Corona is going away, some such news comes which once again alerts you about it. A similar study has shown that some symptoms of long-term covid can be seen in your feet as well. According to this research published in the Lancet report, one of the symptoms of long covid is that when you stand for 10 minutes, your entire leg may turn blue. This research is done by Indian origin researcher Dr. It is from Dr Manoj Sivan who says that it is important to be aware of this symptom even among people who have passed through corona virus.

In this research, it has been reported that a 33-year-old man found a big change in his legs after Corona. In fact, within a minute of standing up, his legs start to turn red and turn blue over time, with veins becoming more prominent within 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the color becomes much clearer. After this the patient felt heaviness in his legs and began to itch. Then when the patient sat down his position became normal.

According to the researchers, this is a condition of acrocyanosis. Also, he said that many patients who experience this do not know that it can be a symptom of long covid and dysautonomia. Apart from this, it can also be postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. This is a condition that causes an abnormal increase in heart rate on standing.

Long-term covid affects many systems in the body and has a range of symptoms, which can also affect patients’ ability to perform daily activities. The condition can also affect the nervous system, which can be linked to blood pressure and heart rate. However, further research is needed on this relationship between acrocyanosis and long covid.