Google Testing New AI Product ‘Genesis’: Artificial Intelligence Tool Will Also Write Latest News Stories

Google has tested the new artificial intelligence (AI) product ‘Genesis’. This AI tool can generate latest news by processing relevant information and current events. Google has also introduced this new tool to news organizations like ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Washington Post’, and ‘News Corp’.

Genesis is an AI writing assistant. It aims to help journalists and make their work easier and streamlined. So that journalists can have more time to focus on more difficult tasks. Google sees this technology as a responsible step in protecting the publishing industry from the pitfalls associated with generative AI. According to the report, Genesis is a working name and the name of the tool is yet to be decided.

Google spokeswoman Jane Crider said about the tool that the tool is only intended to make the work of journalists easier. This tool is not designed to replace journalists, nor can it replace journalists. The job of reporting events, creating articles and checking facts is limited to journalists. This tool will only help journalists in writing style. Apart from this, the tool will also suggest headlines for news to journalists.

According to a report by The New York Times, some executives at the Google pitch expressed concern about the potential implications of Genesis AI. He emphasized the value of human effort in producing accurate and artistic news stories. He expressed concern that this AI tool could affect the integrity of journalism.

Google’s entry of AI into news-writing has added a new dimension to the ongoing debate about the ‘role of technology in shaping the future of journalism’. News organizations around the world are currently grappling with the question of using AI responsibly in their newsrooms. Besides, the issue of compromising accuracy and spreading misinformation is also a side-effect of new technology.

Google’s own chatbot Bard was spotted making major factual errors during one of its first presentations earlier this year. Whereas, now chatbots and big language models are getting better. At the same time the lack of tools to recognize AI-written text is another limitation facing the AI industry.

Genesis AI is in the testing phase and its potential implications are being debated across the industry. While AI has the potential to enhance news generation, there remain concerns about the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated content compared to human-authored stories.