सूर्यकुमार को खरीदने लायक पैसे नहीं हैं, ग्लेन मैक्सवेल का बड़ा बयान

Indian team’s star player Suryakumar Yadav is making a splash in the cricket world these days. Suryakumar occupies the number-1 position in the International Cricket Council (ICC). Today, veterans all over the world have also accepted Surya’s iron.

Meanwhile, a big statement of Australian team’s star player Glenn Maxwell has come to the fore. He was asked whether Suryakumar would ever be seen playing in the Australian domestic Big Bash League (BBL) in future. On this, Maxwell said that there is no money in the league to buy Surya.

Maxwell said this while talking to ‘The Grade Cricketer’. Laughing in a funny way about Surya playing in BBL, he said, ‘We don’t have that much money right now. There is no chance of this. We have to remove every player for this. Also, every player of the Australian team will have to be removed from the contract.

Suryakumar has recently scored a century in T20 match against New Zealand. Surya scored an unbeaten 111 off 51 balls. Taking this innings, Maxwell said, ‘I did not know that the game was going on. But later I saw the scorecard and sent a photo to Aaron Finch. I asked what is going on here? Surya is batting on a completely different planet. Look at the scores of all the other players and see this boy scoring 111 runs in 50 balls.

Maxwell said, ‘I saw the full replay of this match the other day. It’s a shame that he’s so much better than everyone else. This is a very difficult thing to see. We do not have any player who is even around him.

Let us tell you that in the recently concluded T20 World Cup hosted by Australia, Suryakumar rocked it. He scored 239 runs in 6 matches. He was occupying the third number among the players who scored the most runs. Surya is currently at the top of the ICC T20 batting rankings.

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