Full-time nurse and mom breaks down in TEARS

A mother of two, balancing a full-time role as a critical care nurse while pursuing a PhD, found herself overcome with emotion as she opened up about the financial challenges she faces. Mackenzie Moan, hailing from Pennsylvania, disclosed that despite both her and her husband having substantial incomes, they still found themselves living paycheck to paycheck.

After covering their bills, they were left with only a meager sum to sustain them for the next two weeks.Mackenzie gained widespread attention when she shared a video on TikTok, expressing her frustration with the financial struggles her family endures.

In the poignant clip, the healthcare professional tearfully explained that she and her spouse, Steve, earned respectable salaries and maintained a modest lifestyle. Despite this, they grappled with the constant struggle of having barely enough money to meet their basic needs.

This viral video brought attention to Mackenzie Moan’s plight and resonated with many who could relate to the challenges of making ends meet despite apparent financial stability.