Corona virus also affects the brain for a long time, a recent study revealed shockingly

At the beginning of the corona epidemic, doctors believed that breathing problems were caused due to the virus. In recent research it has been found that corona has an effect on the brain as well. Effects can range from loss of taste, smell and thinking to strokes. Langone Health, a research hospital in New York, has begun collecting data to better understand the effects of the virus on the brain and nervous system.

Program Director Dr. Sharon Meropol stated that it is important to know what is going on in the brains of Covid patients and how to fix the damage? On the other hand, Dr. who researches brain diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Wes Alley believes that in the long term, Covid can attack the brain’s ‘support cells’, or cells whose job it is to keep the brain and body functioning normally through neurons. Damage to these support cells can start a chain reaction that can destroy brain cells, says Alley. There are definitely multiple processes going on.

Immunotherapy – Treatment with mental exercise
Immunotherapy is being studied to treat this problem of covid. It is already used in the treatment of neurological conditions. Apart from this, mental exercise can also improve brain function.